Free Vendor Success Webinar: Succeed as a Vendor at Fitness Events In The NW

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Free Vendor Success Webinar: Succeed as a Vendor at Fitness Events In The NW

Expert sales advice aligning the tactics of yesterday with the secrets of today’s technology.

Innovative ways to optimize sales within the health/fitness & beauty industry.

Wouldn’t you love to see a steady flow of event attendees excited to be getting happily involved with your products & services. A large crowd of event patrons eagerly waiting in line to get to your vendor booth, and take advantage of what you have to offer. People taking pictures of themselves within your booth space as they interact with your display and posting it on social media because they are excited to be associated with what you represent. Your vendor/exhibitor booth is more than just a storefront in a niche event. It is more than a reflection or representation of you; Its is a landscape representing the benefits one would receive once they are happily involved with your products/services. It has a look, a feel, and an energy that will either attract eager customers or detour uncomfortable foot traffic.

I am sure that like myself, you have attended many events to promote and sell your products/services. You had a great plan, you put time energy and money into your vendor space, and on promotional material; only to spend more than you made in event profits. It’s not your fault, not all events are a perfect fit for your business. Some events simply offer you just a space while others have spent the time and energy to make additional marketing partnership opportunities available to you. I will share a variety of these opportunities with you so that you can find ways to incorporate them into your next vendor event. Modern technology has certainly created opportunities for event promoters to help the vendors/exhibitors succeed in ways that did not exist in the past. Could you have made more money in your previous events if the promoters were aware of these marketing options and more importantly implemented them to help market your presence prior to the event; creating opportunities for you to create brand awareness with the upcoming event participants and attendees; creating prevent excitement and education about your products/services special offers. Chances are your success in prior events could have been better not just by more attendees, but by more attendees being educated and interested about your in pre-event marketing. Wouldn’t you like to have more warm leads coming to the show anticipating on coming to see you at your booth space? I’m sure you can see how your previous event experiences would have been much more effective if this would have been the case.

Maybe like myself you have previously failed as a vendor at previous events or likely tried a variety of other marketing platforms Then of course it is understandable why you are cautious, hesitant and reluctant to get involved with new opportunities to profit, grow and expand your business. Luckily for you over the past 30 years as a vendor myself and 17 years as an event promoter I have failed enough for the both to have learned what works and what does not work. Through trial and error, tested research and development and a relentless desire to succeed myself as a vendor/exhibitor and as an event producer in the field of health fitness and Beauty; I have compiled years of experience into this guide for you to implement and optimize your event experiences and maximize your profits.

Not all events are worth your time energy and money. This Guide will give you additional tools to assess and evaluate whether or not you should get involved and to what level of involvement.

Implement the tactics I have place in this guide for you at your next event to ensure you stand out among the rest of the vendor. Use these tips to excel and create a profitable vendor /exhibitor experience that your competitors and the rest of the vendors desire.

Vendor Sponsor Spotlight – Vasayo

Vasayo - Vendor / Exhibitor / Sponsor of the 2019 Wa State Fitness EXPO

Vasayo – Vendor / Exhibitor / Sponsor of the 2019 Wa State Fitness EXPO

2019 Wa State Fitness Expo

Sponsor Spotlight
Vendor / Exhibitor
Stop by the VASAYO vendor booth at the Wa State Fitness Expo for cutting edge Health and Wellness products.

Vasayo - Vendor / Exhibitor / Sponsor of the 2019 Wa State Fitness EXPO

Vasayo – Vendor / Exhibitor / Sponsor of the 2019 Wa State Fitness EXPO

Come talk to Scott Dollaway at the VASAYO booth at the Wa State Fitness Expo July 20th and find out what V-Slim can do for you to help you achieve the body you have been wanting.

Look for Vasayo in the Next issue of NW Fitness Magazine

Vendor / Exhibitor / Sponsor of the 2019 WA State Fitness EXPO

Vendor / Exhibitor / Sponsor of the 2019 WA State Fitness EXPO

Thank You SCOTT DOLLOWAY of VASAYO for your support as a Vendor / Exhibitor / Sponsor of the 2019 Wa State Fitness EXPOand the N.P.C WA State Open: Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, Physique, Classic Physique, Championship, National Qualifier.



Come see the friendly vendors / exhibitors / sponsors of the 2019 WA State Fitness Expo. They have new and exciting products & services to share with you in the field of Health, Fitness, Beauty, Sport. You wont want to miss this exciting fitness event full of events, attractions, contests, prizes, samples, and special event discounts by our generous vendors/exhibitors.

**WA State Fitness Expo – Registered Vendor/Exhibitor/Sponsor list.**

_“We would like to extend a sincere Thank you, to the: Sponsors, Vendors, and Supporters of the WA State Fitness EXPO. This event could not happen without your support. Thanks to your contribution we are able to provide the Northwest community with an inspiring health & fitness Event. For many people this event provides a challenging event that has motivated them to set and achieve a variety of life-changing goals.”_

Business Name – Description – Rep:

Vasayo – Health and Wellness – Scott Dollaway

Peloton – Indoor Fitness – Robert Gibson

Chayen Coffee Trailer – Coffee trailer – espresso drinks, tea, thai beverages, pastries – Kanjarin Hiranworawuthikul

Bueche Enterprises – Scentsy – Charlynn Bueche

Air Force Special Operations – Air Force Special Operations – David Cloninger & Vincent Harris

Damsel In Defense – Women’s self defense education and equipment – Kathy Heitmann

Pruvit – Pure Theraputic Ketones – Natural energy supplement – Amy Jackson

Kannaway, Cannon Sales USA Inc – Kannaway CBD education and Sales – Kathleen Cannon

Cherry River – CBD bath, beauty, and health products – Alison Warlitner

Color Street Nails – Color Street 100% Nail Polish Strips – Cindy Engelgau

Paula’s Pop-up Shop – Ice Chips Candy vendor – Paula Higgins

Isagenix – Nutrition, Health and Wellness – Darrylin Sunderland

Mccready7 le-vel – Supplements Nutrition,fitness recovery etc – Angela Mccready

Tupperware Warriors – Tupperware – Karyn Haller

Shopping with Becky – CTFO . CBD products – Becky Mader

Sarah’s Paparazzi – RHS Booster Club – Sarah Christensen

Arbonne – Health and Wellness – Alexis Muro

Q Sciences – Health and Wellness – Karen Bliven

Beautycounter – Safer skincare and makeup – kimberly Morgenstern

LipSense/Senegence – Cathie Shaughnessy – Long lasting lip color and luxury cosmetics and skincare

Advocare – Nutritional supplements – Angie Smith / Toni Davis

Williams Productions – Event Promotions

NW Fitness Magazine – Print & Digital Magazine

Altered Image Supplements – Sports Supplements

SOF Outfitters (Survival Of The Fittest Outfitters) – Apperal


Alpha Male Grooming Gear

EHB Enlightened Holistic Balance

Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation- Personal care products


Mark Mason Media

NWCC Tan. Northwest Competition Color Tan

Kattwalk Salon

DJ David Patterson

Kim Kong Farrison M.C

All fitness

Six feet under MMA

Travis Deorge

G Standard GYM

NW Sign Werxs

Optimum Nutrition

Mixxed Fit

Emerald City Smoothie

Sunshine Corners Nutrition

Willies Tri-Pro

Summit Fitness

Auburn PAC




2018 Wa State Fitness Expo location

Event Date – SAT Aug 4th 2018 (9am-9pm)
Event Location: Auburn Performing Arts Center
702 4th Street N.E.
Auburn , WA 98002

Auburn Performing Arts Center - WA State Fitness Expo - Event Location

Auburn Performing Arts Center – WA State Fitness Expo – Event Location

2018 WA State Fitness Expo

2018 WA State Fitness Expo

2018 Swag bag donations

Swag bag donations

We will be distributing Swag Bags to competitors participating in various events as well as to judges and event volunteers.

We will be making 300 swag bags to give away.

If you would like to donate a sample or marketing material for us to place into the bags please send it to us by July 21st. Of course sooner is better but at the latest, we would like to receive it by July 21st.

If you would like to donate any special prizes to particular placing in a particular event or class just let us know the details through the form below.Place a note in your package as well if you have any special instructions.

When we receive your donations we will take pictures and share it with our social media outlets to inform participants.

Ship your swag products to the following address:

Williams Productions
16224 SE 249 Place
Covington WA 98042